Beautifully Displayed Art Makes Your House A Home


Chances are, your home is filled with art that's hidden away, whether because you don't know what to do with it, or because the pieces are objects you've never thought of as art. Displaying them in a creative way allows you to surround yourself with beautiful things that have personal meaning for you.

Frame It

You can frame nearly anything from your children's artwork to greeting cards and postcards to select pieces of your grandmother's jewelry and silverware. Visit a custom framing shop such as Instaframe Galleries for objects such as that jewelry and silverware and paper items in odd sizes. A good customer framer can create the perfect frame in any size and shape you need. The framer can also create custom mats for collages that mix several art pieces in a single frame. Purchase quality, pre-made frames for photos, posters and other standard-size items.

Post It

Bulletin boards make excellent temporary displays for photos, memorabilia and small, lightweight objects you can hang with ribbon, magnet or tack. Options include framed corkboards -- plain or covered with fabric -- quilted, French-style ribbon boards and magnetic boards. Alternatively, purchase the material for the board itself and have a framer create a custom frame for it. Quilted ribbon boards are especially striking when framed.

Line It Up

Narrow shelving barely deeper than a chair rail makes it easy to stretch your pieces across a length of wall. Display framed work, collectibles, books, or even different types of objects that follow the same theme. Slightly deeper shelves offer the flexibility to overlap and layer the pieces.

Box It

Shadowboxes used to be used mainly to display baseball cards, stamps, military medals, anglers' flies and other items with a masculine bent that you might expect to see in a very traditionally decorated den or study. The contemporary version might consist of actual shadowbox or an upcycled drawer, serving tray or crate. Use the whole box to display your items. Create an artful arrangement along the back wall of the box, and stand items on the bottom ledge. The result is a lovely vignette of related treasures.

Art can be anything you want it to be. Choose pieces that evoke a memory or a feeling, or that you simply love to look at. To protect your items and your family's safety, use hanging hardware that's rated to support an adequate amount of weight. If you'll have items professionally framed, ask the framer to recommend hardware based on the weight of the framed piece and the type of wall material it'll hang on. Once your pieces are up, you'll get more enjoyment than ever out a home that's uniquely yours.


9 January 2015

You Can Make Crafting Even More Affordable by Using Coupons

I love to craft, and my favorite activities include making handmade jewelry and knitting clothing and handbags for friends and family. Although some crafters like to sell the items they make to help fund their hobby, I have always loved giving my items away. I wanted to share a tip to everyone that there are many coupons available to help you save on crafting expenses that I don't think enough people take advantage of. I receive coupons for local craft stores in my newspaper at least every couple of weeks, and I frequently find coupon codes for my favorite online craft supply stores. When I find a really great coupon, it allows me to not only stock up on supplies for my jewelry-making and knitting, but it also gives me the motivation to try new types of craft projects. I hope everyone finds my other tips useful! Enjoy my blog!