Three Beautiful Ways To Display Treasured Family Heirlooms In Your Home


Treasured family heirlooms sometimes spend too much time in boxes and too little time being admired in your home. Instead of leaving clothes, jewelry and other mementos in boxes in your attic or basement, use these unique ideas to create a beautiful decor addition that displays these items in your home.

Frame Each Child's Baby Clothes

If you've kept the outfit your baby came home from the hospital in or you have a few favorite outfits you couldn't part with, turn them into beautiful wall art by having them framed. Your local framing service can work with you to find the perfect color background to accent the colors of the outfit and choose a beautiful frame or shadow box to complete the look of this unique wall art. Go to sites to check some services out. Frame one outfit from each child to create a series of artwork on your walls, or hang an outfit in each child's bedroom as a fun way to complete their bedroom decor themes.

Create Shadow Box Time Capsules

Create a time capsule for every year that passes by placing photos and mementos that the highlight key events or milestones for your family. Some items you might want to include are graduation tassels, baby shoes, ticket stubs or school artwork. Have your framing service arrange the photos and items in a shadow box, and hang them on a focal wall in your home. As the years pass, this wall will become filled with memories you can treasure every day. 

Use Clothes Instead Of Picture Frame Matting

Create framed photos or shadow boxes that use your family's clothing as the matting for the images. A baby's christening gown, fabric from a prom dress or a graduation gown can create a beautiful backdrop for photos from each event. This unique framing idea can be used to create custom holiday gifts for family members, giving them a unique way to celebrate the special moments in your lives. If you choose to use a shadow box for these gifts, consider adding a few other items, such as a baby rattle or jewelry, to create an even more stunning look for your photos.

Framing services can do more than just put a picture frame on a piece of art or a treasured photo. Talk to your framing expert about different ways you can preserve your family's memories by using heirlooms and mementos to add a unique finishing touch to your favorite pictures.


29 September 2015

You Can Make Crafting Even More Affordable by Using Coupons

I love to craft, and my favorite activities include making handmade jewelry and knitting clothing and handbags for friends and family. Although some crafters like to sell the items they make to help fund their hobby, I have always loved giving my items away. I wanted to share a tip to everyone that there are many coupons available to help you save on crafting expenses that I don't think enough people take advantage of. I receive coupons for local craft stores in my newspaper at least every couple of weeks, and I frequently find coupon codes for my favorite online craft supply stores. When I find a really great coupon, it allows me to not only stock up on supplies for my jewelry-making and knitting, but it also gives me the motivation to try new types of craft projects. I hope everyone finds my other tips useful! Enjoy my blog!