Nifty Nautical Crafting Ideas That Will Bring A Maritime Touch To Your Home


Put a personal spin on your home décor with some simple and nifty nautical projects that are both fun and easy to complete. These will bring a distinctly-maritime feel to your home's spaces, and also make a thoughtful gift to share with any old salt!

Three simple and stunning nautical projects are:

Maritime flag pillows.

Give your room, space, or sofa a pop of color with some vibrant, bold nautical flag pillows. First, find some inexpensive nylon or cotton flags online or at a marine-supply store. Stitch the flags, back-to-back, to create a sleeve that allows you to slide-in a pillow form. Sew the end, embellish as desired, and- voila!

Some other pillow-making tips include:

  • Use fabric-paint to add a message, motif, or coordinates after your pillow is completed.
  • Look for smaller novelty flags to create smaller pillows.
  • Use these as a housewarming, birthday, or special occasion gift, too!

Stretched-canvas artwork.

Mimic the flag-motif throughout your home with your own nautical stretched canvas wall-art. Check out some of the universal meanings of nautical flags and sketch out your own ideas on a stretched canvas. Paint with bold, primary colors of paint and allow to fully-dry before hanging. Other suggestions for your art are:

  • Give a gift of flag art that spells out a name or the initials of the recipient from a place like Say It With Glass.
  • Make smaller canvases and hang in groupings on a wall or stairwell.
  • Paint with oil-based paint or paint-pens to hang outside on the patio, porch, or lanai.

Nautical wine serving set.

Turn a simple set of glasses and carafe into a maritime wine serving set that is sweet-enough to display in your home. Buy plain, stemmed wine-glasses and a decanter that you can alter with some nautical accents to give it an entirely fresh look. Some suggestions for creating your own serving set include:

  • Wrap fine-gauge, nylon rope around the stem of each glass. Secure the ends with a drop of hot-glue and don't wash in the dishwasher.
  • Wrap the neck of your decanter with the same nylon sailing-rope, but accent with seashells, fish-netting, or a starfish to give it a distinct look.
  • Use oil-based paint pens to write nautical coordinates or draw motifs, such as anchors, to the glass of your wine set.

Check out online retailers and crafting suppliers to find what you need for these three projects. These are simple and a perfect way to spend a rainy day with kids or teens. Try these suggestions and consider gifting them to others that need a touch of the ocean or a hint of the beach in their home, too!


27 April 2017

You Can Make Crafting Even More Affordable by Using Coupons

I love to craft, and my favorite activities include making handmade jewelry and knitting clothing and handbags for friends and family. Although some crafters like to sell the items they make to help fund their hobby, I have always loved giving my items away. I wanted to share a tip to everyone that there are many coupons available to help you save on crafting expenses that I don't think enough people take advantage of. I receive coupons for local craft stores in my newspaper at least every couple of weeks, and I frequently find coupon codes for my favorite online craft supply stores. When I find a really great coupon, it allows me to not only stock up on supplies for my jewelry-making and knitting, but it also gives me the motivation to try new types of craft projects. I hope everyone finds my other tips useful! Enjoy my blog!