Decorate A Corner Of Your Back Yard With A Tropical-Themed Setting To Relax In


If a tropical paradise is your ideal destination and you would like to be reminded of such a place by decorating a corner of your backyard with tropical-themed furnishings and foliage, the following project will help you achieve this goal and provide you with an area to relax after a strenuous day working long hours:


  • bamboo privacy screens
  • canopy
  • hammock (metal frame)
  • bamboo patio table and chairs
  • clay pots
  • roll of two-sided tape
  • stencils
  • drop cloth
  • craft paint
  • paintbrushes
  • clear sealer
  • potting soil
  • small shovel
  • tropical plants or small trees
  • watering can
  • water
  • tiki torches
  • string lights

Place Privacy Screens And Furniture In The Back Yard

Secure bamboo privacy screens that are attached to bases around the perimeter of the area that you are creating a tropical setting in. The bamboo screens will resemble walls and will provide an attractive backdrop to furnishings and decor being used. Set up a canopy in the center of the outlined area.  Decide how you would like to arrange furniture under the canopy. For instance, you could set up a hammock under one corner of the canopy and place a bamboo dining set a few feet away from the hammock. 

Paint And Fill Clay Pots And Add Lighting

Use two-sided tape to secure stencils to the sides of clay pots. Choose stencils that depict a palm tree or ocean waves. Set the pots on top of a surface that has a drop cloth draped over it. Use a thin paintbrush to fill in the stencils with bright colors of paint. Wait for the paint to dry before applying a clear sealer across each pot's exterior.

After the sealer dries, use a small shovel to add potting soil to the bottoms of clay pots. Plant tropical plants or small trees inside of the pots. Cover the roots of each item with soil. Use a watering can to add water to each potted item. Set the potted plants or trees around the interior walls of the tropical setting. Insert the bases of a couple tiki torches near the entrance way to the tropical hideaway. The tiki torches will keep bugs away from the tropical area and will provide you with lighting when spending time outdoors at night.

Hang a set of string lights across the bottom of the canopy to enhance the outdoor area. If you choose to hold an informal dinner with a loved one under the canopy, the lighting will help promote a peaceful and relaxed mood. Contact a company like Koontz Hardware for more information and assistance. 


4 October 2017

You Can Make Crafting Even More Affordable by Using Coupons

I love to craft, and my favorite activities include making handmade jewelry and knitting clothing and handbags for friends and family. Although some crafters like to sell the items they make to help fund their hobby, I have always loved giving my items away. I wanted to share a tip to everyone that there are many coupons available to help you save on crafting expenses that I don't think enough people take advantage of. I receive coupons for local craft stores in my newspaper at least every couple of weeks, and I frequently find coupon codes for my favorite online craft supply stores. When I find a really great coupon, it allows me to not only stock up on supplies for my jewelry-making and knitting, but it also gives me the motivation to try new types of craft projects. I hope everyone finds my other tips useful! Enjoy my blog!