Three Beautiful Ways To Display Treasured Family Heirlooms In Your Home


Treasured family heirlooms sometimes spend too much time in boxes and too little time being admired in your home. Instead of leaving clothes, jewelry and other mementos in boxes in your attic or basement, use these unique ideas to create a beautiful decor addition that displays these items in your home. Frame Each Child's Baby Clothes If you've kept the outfit your baby came home from the hospital in or you have a few favorite outfits you couldn't part with, turn them into beautiful wall art by having them framed.

29 September 2015

Beautifully Displayed Art Makes Your House A Home


Chances are, your home is filled with art that's hidden away, whether because you don't know what to do with it, or because the pieces are objects you've never thought of as art. Displaying them in a creative way allows you to surround yourself with beautiful things that have personal meaning for you. Frame It You can frame nearly anything from your children's artwork to greeting cards and postcards to select pieces of your grandmother's jewelry and silverware.

9 January 2015