Decorate A Corner Of Your Back Yard With A Tropical-Themed Setting To Relax In


If a tropical paradise is your ideal destination and you would like to be reminded of such a place by decorating a corner of your backyard with tropical-themed furnishings and foliage, the following project will help you achieve this goal and provide you with an area to relax after a strenuous day working long hours: Materials bamboo privacy screens canopy hammock (metal frame) bamboo patio table and chairs clay pots roll of two-sided tape stencils drop cloth craft paint paintbrushes clear sealer potting soil small shovel tropical plants or small trees watering can water tiki torches string lights Place Privacy Screens And Furniture In The Back Yard

4 October 2017

3 Reasons To Collect Early Brass Hardware Catalogs


The last thing that you might have ever thought about collecting was old catalogs that display pictures and information about hardware pieces that were available for sale during various time periods. However, a surprising number of people collect these, and it can actually be a great hobby to get into. Here's why. 1. Learn Your History First of all, you should know that you can really learn a lot of history by looking at these old catalogs.

8 July 2017

Nifty Nautical Crafting Ideas That Will Bring A Maritime Touch To Your Home


Put a personal spin on your home d├ęcor with some simple and nifty nautical projects that are both fun and easy to complete. These will bring a distinctly-maritime feel to your home's spaces, and also make a thoughtful gift to share with any old salt! Three simple and stunning nautical projects are: Maritime flag pillows. Give your room, space, or sofa a pop of color with some vibrant, bold nautical flag pillows.

27 April 2017